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Fasting Enterprises, Inc. is a general construction firm servicing the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area. Specializing in interior renovation, FASTING has built a reputation of reliability and trust with all our customers. Since our foundation in 2006, FASTING's philosophy has been to valve our commitment to our customers, produce the highest quality craftsmanship, and to train our employees to ensure the highest return for our customers! FASTING also is dedicated to safety. No, duty, regardless of the perceived result, will be deemed more important than an employee's health and safety. With our efficient oversight and project execution which is on time and within budget, FASTING Enterprises, Inc., is your very best choice for all your construction needs!

Fasting Enterprises, Inc. recognizes that our people drive the business. As the most critical resource,

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.As an 8(a) and HUBZone general contractor, Fasting Enterprises is pleased to acknowledge the capability

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Fasting Enterprises is an 8(a) and HUBZone, SBA certified, minority owned and operated general construction firm

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  • We know that without your planning and vision, the whole project would never have happened. We appreciated the competent attention to the whole process – we are grateful for the reassuring presence of Common Vision when we were feeling doubtful.

    Peter Long-Manager GSA

  • Just a short note to thank you for the terrific job you did on our kitchen / family room remodeling. The quality of your workmanship was excellent, and we wound up with a much more attractive space.

    Author Gaines- Owner Wright Inc.

  • Fasting Enterprises are always helpful if we ever have a problem, with no faults or interruptions in the service. Overall, we are happy. Keep up the good work.

    Perry Douglas- CEO Castro Inc.