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Mobic (Meloxicam)
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Product description: Mobic is used for treating rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and juvenile arthritis. It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor. Mobic is an NSAID. NSAIDs treat the symptoms of pain and inflammation. They do not treat the disease that causes those symptoms.
Active Ingredient:meloxicam
Mobic as known as:Acticam,Aflamid,Afloxx,Aglan,Ainecox,Aliviodol,Animelox,Anposel,Anpre,Antrend,Areloger,Aremil,Arthrobic,Artrifilm,Artriflam,Artrilom,Artrilox,Artrozan,Aspicam,Atiflam,Atrozan,Axius,Bexx,Bicapain,Bienex,Bioflac,Bioxicam,Bixicam,Bronax,Brosiral,Cameloc,Camelot,Camelox,Celomix,Co meloxicam,Coxamer,Coxflam,Coxicam,Coxylan,Desinflamex,Docmeloxi,Doctinon,Dolocam,Dolxicam,Dominadol,Duplicam,Ecax,Ecwin,Enflar,Examel,Exel,Exen,Farmelox,Flamoxi,Flasicox,Flexicam,Flexidol,Flexium,Flexiver,Flexocam,Flexol,Flodin,Flumidon,Gesicox,Hyflex,Iamaxicam,Iaten,Iconal,Ilacox,Indager,Infomel,Inicox,Isox,Laboxicam,Lamocox,Latonid,Lem,Leutrol,Lormed,Loxibest,Loxiflam,Loxiflan,Loxil,Loximed,Loxinic,Loxitan,Loxitenk,M-cam,Malflam,Marlex,Mavicam,Mecalox,Mecam,Mecon,Mecox,Medoxicam,Meksun,Mel-od,Melartrin,Melcam,Melecox,Melflam,Melic,Melicam,Melice,Melixin,Melobax,Melocalm,Melocam,Melock,Melocox,Melodin,Melodol,Melodyn,Meloflex,Melogen,Melokan,Meloksam,Meloksikam merck,Melokssia,Melonax,Melonex,Meloprol,Melora,Melorem,Melorilif,Melosteral,Melotec,Melotop,Melovax,Melovis,Melox,Meloxan,Meloxibell,Meloxic,Méloxicam,Meloxicam enolat,Meloxicam winthrop,Meloxicamum,Meloxid,Meloxidyl,Meloxifen,Meloxikam ivax,Meloxil,Meloximek,Meloxin,Meloxistad,Meloxitor,Meloxivet,Meloxiwin,Meloxx,Meomel,Meosicam,Mepedo,Mesoxicam,Metacam,Metacox,Metosan,Mevilox,Mexan,Mexilal,Mexolan,Mexpharm,Mextran,Miolox,Mirlox,Mobec,Mobex,Mobicam,Mobicox,Mobiflex,Mobiglan,Mobimed,Mone,Movacox,Movalis,Movasin,Movatec,Movaxin,Movi-cox,Movicox,Movix,Movox,Mowin,Moxalid,Moxam,Moxic,Moxicam,Muvera,Nacoflar,Niflamin,Nodolex,Noflamen,Nor mobix,Normelox,Novem,Nulox,Ocam,Ostelox,Oxa,Oximal,Parocin,Pms-meloxicam,Promotion,Recoxa,Remacam,Reumafen,Rhemacox,Rheumocam,Romacox,Rumonal,Runomex,Sition,Taucaron,Telaren,Tenaron,Trisedan,Uticox,Velcox,Zeloxim,Zicam,Ziloxican,Zix
Dosages available:15mg

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